Am I looking for a Preschool or a Daycare? What is the difference? How can my baby learn at such a young age? When can I start early education activities? These are questions often asked in the Early Childhood Education field, but answered easily after visiting The Little Cottage and learning the benefits of American Sign Language, Music programs and sensorial activities geared towards children as young as 6 months of age.

When opening The Learning Cottage LLC, Owners Aimee Muldoon and Ashley Cabe­ Yerkovich, set themselves apart by creating an environment focused not only on the educational climate of today, but sustainability and child wellness. As they enter their second year in business, and open The Little Cottage, a portion of their Early Learning campus geared specifically to children from 6 weeks of age to 2 years of age, they were sure to continue in developing an environment that would enrich and nurture young minds utilizing an American Sign Language program, early arts and sciences and the Music Together program in their daily activities.

The benefits of Sign Language with your baby

Early exposure to signing with a baby assists in developing their language and reasoning skills. While other babies and toddlers will continue to yell to get what they want or need, signing babies are learning how to communicate simple words and phrases. Long term benefits include: Larger speaking vocabulary, earlier reading skills and a closer bond. When you are able to better communicate with your baby and can understand each other it creates the feeling of closeness. Studies report that emotional benefits include: babies that sign have fewer moments of distress and parents report feeling better about themselves and more confidant about parenting. This closeness and communication benefit also creates an easy understanding and bond between baby and caregiver.

Benefits of a musical experiences with your baby

From the pure pleasure of listening to soothing sounds and rhythmic harmonies, to gaining new language, math and social skills, whatever the setting­ a quiet room at home, a large grassy field or a busy classroom­ music can enliven and enrich the lives of children and the people who care for them. Infants recognize the melody of a song long before they can understand words. They often try to mimic sounds and move to the music as they are physically able. The key to toddler music is the repetition of songs. They develop language skills by encouraging them to fill in a word at appropriate times and early math skills by reproducing rhythms while clapping their hands, feet or utilizing instruments.


557723_499257476854147_1349023852_nThe Little Cottage, The Little Cottage LLC, is proud to call themselves a Fusion Early Learning Preschool. Creating bonds, nurturing the hearts and minds of young child, utilizing green products, promoting a sustainable environment, welcoming cloth diapers and enriching children through numerous activities and learning opportunities daily. Aimee and Ashley are proud on­ site owners and invite you to visit.

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